Flower prints

Flower print this fall and winter is a must have and we will see lots of feminine and beautiful prints. 

Small flowered prints are high fashion .... 

The amazing little flowers in beautiful shades emphasize the feminine in your look. Why not choose to style your printed items with cool accessories like belts and jewelry for a slightly more cool expression. 

It's also easy to change your style using different types of shoes and boots. Use all kind of footwear for your feminine dresses and skirts. Beautiful high heeled boots and stylish shoes provide you with an elegant look. Style with boots and sneakers for your everyday look. 

Keep in mind that flower print is trendy and you will probably need at least one piece of flower print, with small print in your wardrobe this fall.

If you want a more simple expression, it is nice to wear a one colored shade close to the face and just use print on skirts and pants.


A trend we will see lots of in fashion is burnout details. Burn out is usually velvet which is used to create beautiful patterns and details in the fabric. 

Burnout velvet is seen as large flowers and patterns in tone in tone shades or in contrast colors. There are so many beautiful dresses, blouses and tunics, with burn out patterns in fashion this fall and winter.

Often the expression is more elegant. Burnout can also be quite fine and simple, just being a simple detail in the fabric, where colors are fading into the fabric. 

In the IN FRONT autumn and winter collections we have more kimonos, dresses and tunics, with this effect. 

It's also easy to get an elegant appearance with the burnout pattern, it looks exclusive and elegant.


A trend we will see lots of this autumn and winter is velvet. The velvet is beautiful and elegant and all outfits get an elegant twist.

Black velvet is always elegant and perfect for a party outfit. Velvet in green, red, grey and other shades get a lot of life and are incredibly beautiful to combine with black. 

Velvet is not only for party outfits, also very nice to style with a pair of jeans and boots for an elegant everyday look. 

Or choose velvet with burnout or print for even more details. Wearing velvet, you always feel well dressed and it’s easy for you to style your outfit up or down depending on which shoes and boots you choose to wear.