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Jackets and blazers, short or long, in thick or thin qualities. There are many options for outerwear, and there are styles that suit the changing seasons. Outerwear is one of the most important items of clothing in your wardrobe. Therefore, your choice of the outermost layer of clothing is incredibly important and a must have in every woman's wardrobe.

Complete your look with the right women's jacket that fits this season. At IN FRONT you will always find a large selection of jackets for women. Discover our wide range of seasonal blazers, coats and jackets for women, which you will find on this page.

Complete your look with the right women's jacket

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right women's jacket to match your outfit. You surely know that you have put together the absolutely perfect outfit for the evening's festive event. But the moment you go out the door, you discover that you don't have the perfect women's jacket that matches the rest of your outfit.
It is a challenge that many women are familiar with. Here at IN FRONT, we have therefore collected an exciting selection of jackets for ladies. As a woman, you can't have too many jackets hanging in the closet, as they, as well as shoes, help to complete the perfect look. Explore our large selection of jackets for women and let yourself be inspired by the many different styles that you will find on this page.

Find the right blazer for women

A classic and elegant blazer for women is an absolutely versatile jacket that can make any outfit look extra elegant, sophisticated and exclusive. A nice women's blazer suits all styles and looks at the same time that it is not only suitable for business occasions. On the contrary, a blazer jacket for women is very integral to fashion, as it can be paired with any outfit.
The blazer can be combined with a multitude of clothing items to give the perfect look. If you want a more casual look, you can choose to combine the blazer with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. If, on the other hand, you want a more festive look, you can choose to combine it with a nice dress. There are therefore countless possibilities with the blazer and only the imagination sets the limits.

A smart women's blazer is essential in every woman's wardrobe. Because with a blazer, you are always guaranteed a sophisticated, classic and beautiful style when that's the look you're after. Style your blazer up or down with accessories and accessories, depending on the occasion for which you will use the blazer.
A blazer is the women's jacket that just does the last thing and puts the finishing touch on your outfit.

Women's jackets for all seasons

A woman should have a jacket for each of the four seasons, preferably several jackets to choose from. For example, you can choose between a large warm down jacket or a wool coat for the coldest seasons. Transitional jackets for women are perfect for spring and early autumn, and a nice trench coat, cowboy jacket or leather jacket for the balmy summer evenings. As a woman, you should own a jacket for every occasion.
Everything from the sporty jacket, a casual jacket, a short jacket, a long jacket or the classic and elegant jacket for delicious dinners or festive gatherings with friends. Quite simply, a women's jacket for all occasions that can be styled to match your outfit.

Find the perfect jacket for your needs

The very changeable weather we have in Denmark makes it necessary to have one or more jackets for each season. It is therefore important that you choose a jacket that suits the season and your needs. For example, if you cycle to work every day, it is a good idea to choose a windproof and breathable jacket with great mobility. If, on the other hand, you have to stand and wait for public transport in all kinds of weather, you must have a warm women's jacket so you don't stand and freeze.
Maybe you also need an indoor jacket that you can wear under your outerwear? Whatever your needs may be, you're sure to find a model in our selection of IN FRONT jackets for women that suits you and your style.

Women's jackets for every occasion

Jackets are an important and indispensable part of your wardrobe. It is probably also one of the things in your wardrobe that you use the most. It is therefore important that your jacket is of good quality, which can withstand being used every single day for different occasions. You may not think about the fact that your jacket is one of the most important items in your wardrobe. It is the first thing others see, and that is exactly why it should reflect you and your personal style. It must also compliment your outfit so that you get the desired look. In addition, it must of course also be practical and keep you warm, but who says practicality can't go hand in hand with fashion and style?
At IN FRONT, we have a large selection of women's outerwear for every occasion, which is both smart and practical. When you put on one of our carefully selected jackets and blazers, you are therefore sure that you are well dressed for both everyday and festive occasions.

The blazer – every woman's salvation

Blazers are women's savior when you have to change from everyday clothes to a festive evening in a few minutes, or maybe you have to go out and enjoy a good dinner with someone you care about. Your rescue is a blazer from IN FRONT, which you can easily change into in just a few minutes.
Make yourself extra elegant with a blouse and some beautiful jewelry, and you'll quickly look like a millionaire. A blazer for women fits both a skirt and trousers and is available in many colors such as black, white, blue, grey, pink, yellow, sand, green and multi. They are all practical and have smart details and a great fit that you will love to wear. As usual, the quality is top notch when you buy clothes from IN FRONT.

Jackets that complete every woman's outfit

A blue denim jacket, a stylish suit jacket, a black short jacket and a checkered jacket are just some of the many different fantastic designs within jackets and blazers for ladies that have gained iconic status in the wardrobe.
Here at IN FRONT, you can always find the latest designs of jackets and women's blazers, and we have even given some of the original models a makeover
For example, try experimenting with some nice decorations, cool buttons, strong colors, a jacket in velor or one with details in a military look to test the season's latest trends on your favorite jacket model.

Blazers that reflect your personal style

Blazers come in a multitude of designs, fabrics, colors and patterns. Tailored, razor-sharp and extremely smart blazers. In our collection of blazers for women, you can find both clothes for the office and for weekend activities. In addition to the classic black blazer and gray blazer, you can also try a pin-striped blazer, checked blazer or some more eye-catching colors to create a completely new look to suit the new season. An oversized blazer, a short blazer or a long blazer - they are all in fashion right now. If you pair a patterned blazer or a velor blazer with a pair of jeans, you can spice up your relaxed look a little more.

Create your own personality with a smart blazer

The blazer opens up many stylish options for your outfit. With a smart blazer for ladies in your closet, you are both ready for a trendy day at work and festive events at the weekends. The simple design makes it possible to put a professional and stylish angle on a look for work or for the job interview and then move on to the café or another appointment without compromising your style.
Blazers for women are not limited to either everyday or party wear. The right blazer can be used both in everyday life as well as for more festive occasions, depending on what is paired with it. Here, the only limit is your imagination, as you can create your own personal style with a smart blazer.
Regardless of whether beautiful prints or dark shades fit best in your closet, all women's suit jackets bring style and personality into your everyday life.

The season's most beautiful blazers and indoor jackets for ladies

You can use a blazer and a thin jacket for indoor use all year round and combine with most things from your wardrobe. For example, put on your favorite jeans and a simple basic t-shirt and take a jacket or blazer without a top. If you are into the monochrome look, you can throw yourself into a black dress, black boots and complete the look with a white blazer or short pink jacket. If you are going to town with your girlfriends and party until the early morning, a short party jacket or lace jacket is a good choice that stands out from the crowd. Combine the jacket with a black strap dress or your favorite pantsuit and a pair of stilettos to dance the night away in. Then you are guaranteed the role of the big centerpiece of the party.

A long blazer or jacket has particularly gained traction on the Danish fashion scene. Let yourself be inspired by the men's wardrobe and choose a checked jacket or a gray blazer, which you can then match with a pair of buttoned-up boyfriend jeans, a sweater, basic t-shirt or perhaps an oversize white shirt.
Conversely, if the job requires a more formal and classic expression, you can't avoid a short black blazer, which, together with a tailored shirt and a tight skirt, gives you the ultimate business look

Large selection of fashionable women's jackets and blazers for women

We carefully select the women's jackets and blazers for women that you will find on this site, and regularly change our range so that it reflects the most current trends and tendencies in the fashion world of the season and time. Our selection of jackets and blazers for women includes a multitude of different designs, materials, lengths, colors and fits. So whatever your taste and whether you're looking for a warm jacket, a modern jacket for fine, a denim jacket, a light transitional jacket or a smart blazer, there should be a good chance of finding your new favorite women's jacket among our large assortment of women's blazers and women's jackets.

Here at IN FRONT, you will find a large selection of classic and modern jackets and blazers and, with a guarantee, also a model that you simply cannot do without. We have collected a delicious selection of all kinds of women's blazers and smart jackets for women. You will find pinstriped, patterned, bolero jackets, lace jackets, velor blazers, jackets with patterns, denim jackets for women and a selection of classic suit jackets for women. Look through our large selection of jackets, blazers and suit jackets for women and find your next favorite jacket on this page