IN FRONT cardigans/knits

An IN FRONT cardigan in knitwear, polyester or other materials is a classic in many women's wardrobes. In our large selection of knitwear and cardigans for ladies, you will find both large woolly knitwear, kimonos and light cardigans for the everyday look.
A nice cardigan helps you easily spice up your outfit. A cardigan from IN FRONT can be used all year round. It is not only designed for the cold and dark autumn and winter months, but is also perfect for a spring day or a cool summer evening. Choose an IN FRONT cardigan or knit with the length, design and color that will complete your look and suit your personal style, whether it's cold or hot outside.

A knitted sweater or cardigan is both warm and lovely. Here at IN FRONT, you will find both long and short cardigans for women in different qualities, so you can keep warm on the cooler days.

Cardigans for every type of woman

A cardigan is more than just a blouse. The open blouse has many more purposes. It can both act as the finishing touch to your outfit, just as it can be your salvation when it gets cold and you only have a short-sleeved blouse or t-shirt on. A wool cardigan can even be your alternative to the jacket in autumn and spring, and a long cardigan for women can compliment the summer dress when the evening mist falls.

At IN FRONT you can discover a large selection of stylish cardigans for women in delicious quality. We have a wide range in different lengths, patterns, colors and designs that are all aimed at you, who have an attitude towards your style and see yourself as a confident, ambitious and modern women.

IN FRONT cardigans for women

Cardigans for women are timeless and classic and an absolute must have in every woman's fashionable wardrobe. A cardigan – whether it is made of knit or other material – has endless possibilities for styling with other pieces of clothing, both versatile as well as classic and timeless.
A cardigan can be used as a sweet and feminine detail for the perfect summer dress or be inspired by a beautiful and elegant 60's look with a shirt and a high-waisted skirt. At the same time, the cardigan can also help tone down a look with inspiration from the man's wardrobe. Here, for example, you can choose an oversized cardigan, which gives a more casual look.
Regardless of what you use your cardigan for, it has absolutely many combination options and is a popular classic among women.

Classic and fashionable cardigans

At IN FRONT, the classic cardigan is available in countless and fashionable designs and variants. There are thin and light ones or the thicker and woolly ones, which give you warmth on cold days. The cardigan creates a good contrast with a shirt, t-shirt or blouse underneath and can give you just the right look. Knitted qualities, cotton qualities or mixed qualities have different expressions and therefore fit into the wardrobe in their own way.

A good cardigan can be worn over the clothes when it's cold, or you can choose to use it instead of outerwear. It is therefore a good piece of clothing that can guarantee you a comfortable style. One or more cardigans in a well-functioning wardrobe are absolutely indispensable.

Cardigans for ladies from IN FRONT

Women's cardigans have been worn for generations, and certainly for good reason. It is an indispensable part of your wardrobe, as it can be used all year round. One of the most popular reasons for the cardigan's popularity is that cardigans are easy and practical. A good women's cardigan is easy to put on on the way out the door to protect against cold arms. And as easy as it is to put on, it's just as easy to take off again if you get too hot later in the day or evening.

A cardigan is and will be both practical and fashionable, as it is available in many different colours, patterns and materials. In our selection of cardigans for women, you will find both short and long models. The long cardigan is really nice together with a nice dress, especially if you want to stay warm all the way down to the legs. The short cardigans are especially nice with a pair of jeans but also with a dress. The possibilities are many with a nice cardigan from IN FRONT.

Treat yourself with a soft and delicious cardigan for women

There is nothing better than putting on a nice and soft long-sleeved cardigan when you start to freeze. At IN FRONT you can find just the right women's cardigan that fits your personal clothing style and can be combined with your most important outfits. You can find a long cardigan for women that fits the fine evening dress or for the cool summer evenings. Whether it's a long or a short cardigan, you can look forward to a soft and open sweater for women that doesn't compromise on design or quality.

A cardigan can also do much more than just help you keep warm. Depending on the color, material and fit, it can quickly become one of your favorite products in your wardrobe. It will be one of those textiles in the closet that you don't want to part with. It can be used for many years and will be faithful to you, no matter how your style changes over the years.

Put together the perfect outfit

A black cardigan can go with any outfit, whether it's casual or for a party. With a red cardigan you can give the little black dress new life, and with a blue cardigan you can put the finishing touch on your business look. With a patterned cardigan you can give your outfit a cool contrast, and with a knitted cardigan you can keep extra warm on cold days. Your cardigan can make your outfit complete, regardless of which color or model you choose.
If you are brave enough to experiment and add a little extra color to your life, then an IN FRONT cardigan is just the thing for you.

In our selection of cardigans, you can find models that spice up your outfit, and you can find cardigans that simply ensure that you can keep warm. With the right cardigan, you can put together the perfect outfit.

Find the perfect outfit for the cold weather

Even if it gets cold, that's no excuse to compromise on your look. On this page, you will find a wide range of beautiful women's cardigans and knitted sweaters, which can dress up any dull and sad winter look. Your outfit doesn't have to be boring just because it's practical. Our cardigans and knitwear for women can be used for any occasion – both when you need to relax at home, but also when you are going to work or going to town and want to keep your shoulders warm. Our range is carefully selected based on the best materials that are comfortable to wear.

With a good and warm cardigan you can keep warm in the cold months and at the same time look stylish and complete in your outfit. A cardigan is often used as an extra piece of clothing that sits outside the rest of your outfit if you need a bit more warmth. Many cardigans have the option of being closed with a zip, buttons or ties, but there are also models that are open.

Large selection of knitwear for women

There is nothing better than jumping into a warm knit and under a blanket on a chilly evening. The thick knit cardigans belong mostly to winter and are a must have for the cold autumn and winter months.
Our women's knit jumpers are both smart and fashionable, and they come in a multitude of colours, styles, patterns and materials. You can also find something other than the classic black knit. Our selection offers patterned, striped and colorful models in many beautiful and fashionable colours. All our knitted sweaters for women have in common that they are designed in comfortable materials, where quality is paramount. There is nothing worse than a knitted sweater, a knitted cardigan or a wool sweater that scratches and itches as soon as you put it on.

If you find it difficult to keep warm in the winter, then an IN FRONT knit cardigan or a knit sweater is definitely the right choice for you. On the cold winter days, a knitted sweater is worth its weight in gold. But it's also perfect on a cool summer evening when you want to stay outside even though the temperature is dropping. There is nothing worse than interrupting a pleasant evening on the terrace because it has become too cold to sit outside. Therefore, always have a nice knit within reach.

Large selection of short and long kimonos

Kimonos have become extremely popular. In our large selection, you have the opportunity to choose between both long and short kimonos.
There are lots of wonderful options with both the long and the short models. It's just about using your imagination and putting together different looks that suit the individual occasion.
The good thing about a long kimono is that you can use it as a wrap dress. Not much more is really needed. However, you can also choose to combine it with other things to create a more sophisticated look.

With a short kimono, you have the opportunity to combine it with several different things. It can be with a pair of trousers or a pair of jeans, where the kimono is the one that should make up the upper part. You can also choose to use it as a top over a blouse or a top - the possibilities are many.
It can therefore be a good idea to have short and long kimonos in the wardrobe. This gives you even more opportunities to put together different looks that suit you and your style.

Spice up your look with an IN FRONT kimono

A kimono is absolutely perfect to have in your wardrobe. It opens up a lot of different styling possibilities. An otherwise boring outfit can quickly be spruced up with an IN FRONT kimono.
A look with a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt or top can seem very simple and perhaps a little boring. By adding a kimono, you can create a completely new outfit. You add some color and life to your look that can make a world of difference.

The good thing about a kimono cardigan is that there are so many options. You will find some that are just open, and others that have an accompanying little belt that you can tie around your waist.
If you choose a kimono that can be tied, you have several options. You can choose to use it over something or use it as a top in itself, where it is closed with the tie. However, you also have these options, even if you have a kimono that does not come with a belt. You certainly have a belt at home in the wardrobe that you can use for the purpose. There are therefore plenty of options, regardless of which kimono from IN FRONT you choose.

Knitwear and cardigans are a must-have for the wardrobe

A knitted sweater and a cardigan are a must in every woman's wardrobe. When the seasons change and the colder months announce their arrival, a thick knit or a woolen cardigan is indispensable. The same applies on warm summer evenings, when it is pleasant to sit on the terrace late into the evening. Here, a warm knitwear or a cardigan jacket can easily extend the coziness and ensure that you stay warm all evening.

On this page, you will find a large assortment of knitwear, cardigans and kimonos from IN FRONT. All of them are available in a myriad of colours, patterns, materials and lengths. Whether you are looking for a knitted cardigan, kimono cardigan, patterned cardigan, cardigan jacket, kimono satin or a long knitted cardigan, you will find a wide selection here. So I wonder if there is also a model that suits your taste and the rest of your wardrobe.