IN FRONT trousers

All women should have more than one pair of nice, well-fitting trousers in their wardrobe. Pants that you can always put on because you just know they fit well and go with everything.
At IN FRONT you will find a large range of women's trousers and jeans for women in many different shades, lengths etc. So you can find exactly the pair that fits you perfectly. Whether you like loose trousers or skinny jeans, high-waisted or low-waisted trousers or patterned rather than solid colours, you can find it here on the site. We are happy to help you find exactly the model and fit that best suits you and your personal style.

Women's trousers - create the look that suits your style

Create a smart look with the latest trouser models. It is important to have a large selection of trousers and jeans when choosing today's outfit. Trousers are both smart, fashionable and practical, while also being found in a sea of different models, designs and styles.
With the right pair of women's trousers, you can easily create a professional and sophisticated look. A classic trouser model with press pleats or a pair of women's dress pants go perfectly with a blazer and a blouse for the long day at the office. A pair of stilettos and appropriate accessories, such as a stiletto bag, will complete your business look.
If you prefer a more sporty look, a pair of soft trousers or baggy trousers go really well with a t-shirt and a cardigan on the cooler days.

Discover our large selection of trousers and jeans in different styles on this page, which includes:
•Party pants
•Suit pants
•Corduroy pants
•Capri pants
•Loose pants
•Linen trousers
•Wide pants
•Baggy pants

Trousers, leggings and jeans for women – indispensable items in the wardrobe

Something every woman needs in her wardrobe is lots of pants, jeans and leggings for women. Since you move around in many different social contexts every day, you also need different types of trousers that suit different occasions. For example, a pair of stylish trousers for work and some nice soft sweatpants for a cozy evening or a Sunday at home on the sofa.

Leggings have also been part of the fashion industry for many years and have over time become an indispensable part of women's wardrobes. They are tight fitting and go perfectly with a dress or a long blouse or shirt. The effect when you combine them with a loose top is both smart and modern and one of the big trends of the time. Leggings can be used both everyday and for parties, and in the summer they are easy to put on when the days and evenings are a little cool. It's no wonder that leggings have become part of women's favorite bottoms for all occasions.

Capri pants for the modern woman

Capri pants for women are available in many different fits and qualities. Capri pants, also known as ¾ pants and flared pants, are a regular part of almost every woman's wardrobe. The trousers are available in a multitude of fits and qualities, from completely loose-fitting with wide legs throughout, to harem trousers which are loose-fitting with a low waist, to the classic models in cotton or denim which are close-fitting.
In addition, there is a sea of different colors and patterns, as we know how important it is to have many options in a woman's wardrobe. That is precisely why we ensure you season after season that you can find a large selection of ¾ trousers, capri trousers and cropped trousers. The trousers can be used season after season, and can be styled exactly as you want your personal look. Go for the summery look with a pair of light shoes or sandals or jump in a pair of smart stilettos and get an elegant and feminine look for the party.

Nice trousers for various occasions

There is a sea of trousers which can be categorized as beautiful and fine ladies' trousers. Everything from suit trousers to company and party trousers are items of clothing that can make any woman appear more sophisticated, fine and stylish. An extremely sure winner is the black trousers, which can act as a solution, regardless of what else your wardrobe offers you when you have to go out the door.

The classic suit trousers for ladies or business trousers are a sure winner. No matter what you choose to pair them with, you always look well-dressed. Whether you style them with a shirt and stilettos or a t-shirt and boots. The classic and fine trousers for women have a good fit and look great with a matching blazer. Today, many women choose to wear a nice suit with a good cut when they go to a party instead of a dress. If you are not into dresses, the classic IN FRONT trousers with a nice lace top are a super cool alternative for a festive evening.

Create your own trouser style

In our collection of trousers and jeans you will find a large selection of different models, shades and styles. Regardless of what your style is, here you have the opportunity to find a trouser model that can create a sophisticated and professional look, and you therefore have the opportunity to find a pair that fits you and your style perfectly. In other words, you can create your own style with a pair of smart and modern trousers.

If you are looking for a raw look, you can find smart models of women's jeans. If you prefer a more relaxed look, you can find soft and loose trousers in smart, fashionable patterns and designs. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more feminine look, leggings together with a tunic or a shirt and a pair of flat shoes or ballerinas can give a smart and romantic look.

IN FRONT trousers for every personal style

You can find women's trousers in all sorts of different colours, patterns and prints on this page. They can be made in different beautiful materials and they can have different details. In short, there is something for every taste in the selection of our IN FRONT women's trousers.
If you go for a classic style, you might want to take a look at some of the many chinos and canvas trousers. If, on the other hand, your style is more raw, you can take a look at trousers in velvet or denim.

In addition to finding women's trousers for every occasion and every style, you can also find trousers for every body type in our range. Whether it's high-waisted, low-waisted or something in between that works best for you, you can definitely find your new favorite IN FRONT pants on this site.
Take a look at our range and see if there is a pair of women's trousers or three that will fit perfectly into your wardrobe.

Find the right women's trousers for your figure

Women are different – also in their body shape and build. If you are a woman with long legs, you must first have a pair of trousers that are long enough. Finding models that are long enough can be a challenge in itself for some. Fortunately, we also have pants that fit women with long legs. If you want to show off your beautiful long legs, you can advantageously go for a pair of tight-fitting trousers that sit close to your legs.
For those of you with short legs, it is also not impossible to find a pair of smart jeans that suit your body shape well. Feel free to combine your ladies' trousers with a pair of platform stilettos to make your legs appear longer.

Trousers for every occasion

Women's trousers are a broad term. There are many different types and models, and no matter what occasion you are looking for trousers for, you can therefore also find the perfect pair of trousers among our selection on this page.
If you need a pair of trousers for everyday use, you can, for example, take a look at our many jeans and relaxed loose trousers. If, on the other hand, you need a pair of trousers for a party, it may be more relevant to look at some of the beautiful trousers with wide legs. If you combine such a pair with a nice top and a pair of stilettos, you will be ready for a festive evening.
If, on the other hand, you need a pair of trousers for the more relaxing days, you can take a look at some of the sweatpants that you will find in our range. You can find many different trousers for women that will suit every occasion - whether it's for everyday life or for a party, here you will find trousers for every type of woman.

Jeans, printed trousers or loose women's trousers?

Jeans have long had a high status among women, but loose trousers have once again gained a place on the shelves in many women's wardrobes. The different models are good in their own way. The loose fit makes the trousers more comfortable to wear, and at the same time they can help create a sea of different looks. You will find, for example, the popular suit trousers among the range, which are perfect for creating a classic look. The tight jeans, on the other hand, look delicious with everything you pair them with. They are a sure winner for both everyday life and parties. Whether it's tight or loose models you're looking for, you'll find it in our wide selection of trousers for women.

Jeans or cowboy trousers are an absolute must-have in your wardrobe. A pair of jeans can be used for everything, both day and night. The worn jeans give you a relaxed everyday look, while the black jeans can be used for a festive evening with a nice top. Jeans are also the perfect piece of clothing because they come in so many different models and designs that there is a model for every body shape. Are you into skinny jeans, slim fit, loose fit or looking for women's jeans with shapes? There are plenty of options with IN FRONT jeans, and there is undoubtedly a jeans model that meets all your wishes for the perfect pair of jeans.
At IN FRONT you will find both the classic blue jeans and black jeans, jeans with cool details and many other smart models.

Loose pants:
The loose trousers have become popular again, and they come in a multitude of colours, patterns and models. They are both elegant and relaxing at the same time, and can therefore be used with many different outfits. They look elegant as party trousers with a nice shirt or top, but they can also be styled with a t-shirt or sweatshirt and a pair of cool sneakers for a cool and relaxed everyday look.

Pants with print:
Pants with prints have become a huge hit among women. In fact, they cannot be avoided in the fashion picture. It is completely understandable, because trousers with patterns and prints can be used in many different ways and for different occasions. They give you plenty of opportunities to mix and match across colours, patterns and designs. You will find both trousers with flower prints and trousers with animal prints, but also with the more classic prints. So there is something for every woman's style.
If you are considering adding a pair of IN FRONT printed trousers to your wardrobe, you will find a large selection of modern styles here on the site.

Large selection of trousers for women

Pants are not just pants. With us, you will therefore find a large and wide selection of trousers for ladies that suit every style-conscious woman. We have made it a goal to be able to meet all the demands of our customers when it comes to smart trousers. You will always find pants and jeans for women that match the trends and trends of the season. You are therefore guaranteed the latest trouser fashion when you buy your new IN FRONT trousers from us.
Quality, price, fit and design are of course always paramount. At IN FRONT, we have everything from leggings, jeans, business trousers, knickers, culottes, trouser suits and much more. You will therefore definitely find a pair of women's trousers, women's jeans or something else entirely that suits your personal style.
When you shop for trousers here at IN FRONT, you can be sure that you will get trousers of good quality. So you get women's trousers that you will love to wear when you buy them here from us.